Dunkeld, Perthshire

Dunkeld, Perthshire

Dunkeld and Birnam are situated at opposite sides of the longest river in Scotland - the River Tay; the two towns are joined by Thomas Telford's Bridge, just along from the bridge is the Dunkeld Cathedral.

While in Dunkeld visit the Beatrix Potter Garden and Exhibition - Beatrix got inspiration for her stories when visiting the Dunkeld & Birnam area. Get some culture as described in Shakespeare's "Macbeth" at the majestic Birnam Oak.

Dalguise, a village near Dunkeld homes a children's activity centre - PGL - which has many outdoor activities for kids and is sure to tire them out!

Although the town is quiet in the evenings, there are 4 pubs in to town, which are all quite different from each other; the Taybank is a traditional music pub, where "open" evenings are held - just turn up with your instrument and join in!

The Inspiring Dunkeld and Birnam

Nestled on either side of the Tay River are two small charming villages, Dunkeld and Birnam, located about 12 miles from Perth.  Although most buildings in both villages are fairly modern, the village itself is ancient.  As small villages, go Dunkeld and Birnam history are interesting and they have superb local attractions that are well worth a visit.

Dunkeld’s history dates back to the 6th century, the time when the monastery was built.  During the Jacobites uprising, Dunkeld was destroyed and ‘little house’ in bright colours were built to replace the houses wrecked during the siege.  These houses are now being looked after by the National Trust for Scotland.  Birnam, a smaller community than Dunkeld, was built during the time of Queen Victoria.  Shakespeare famously mentioned Birnam Wood in Macbeth.  It is thought that the ancient Birnam Oak Tree, currently standing just a few hundred metres from the centre of the village may have been part of the Birnam Wood. 

Dunkeld and Birnam were favourite holiday destinations of the rich Victorians, including famous artist, Everett Millais and author Beatrix Potter.  It is thought that Dunkeld and Birnam inspired the stories of Peter Rabbit.

The Hermitage is one of the most important attractions of Dunkeld and Birnam.  Situated on the banks of Braan River, the Hermitage has been attracting visitors from all over the world for over 250 years.  It is an attractive woodland walk, which leads to the Ossian’s Hall, a Victorian folly.  The hall is considered to be one of Scotland’s most elaborately furnished ornamental garden buildings.  Queen Victoria was one of its most famous visitors.  Located next to the A9, about half a mile north of the Dunkeld and Inver turnings, the Hermitage is a great place to rest and stop if you are driving along the A9.  If you are driving towards the highland, check the Dunkeld and Birnam map to plan your journey and take time to visit the area.

Dunkeld and Birnam Walks

Like many of the Scottish villages, Dunkeld and Birnam have stunning scenery and rich wild life.  Dunkeld and Birnam Walks offer great opportunities to discover many of the natural inhabitants of the area.  Birnam Hill is home to roe deer, black grouse and capercaillie.  If you walk slowly, it is possible to see small groups of deer grazing in the glades. 

Other places to visit in Dunkeld and Birnam are Stanley Hill, Blair Atholl Watermill and Dunkeld Cathedral. 

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