Zorbing & Sphering In Perthshire

Zorbing & Sphering In Perthshire


Enjoy the thrill of feeling weightless, in this high speed activity; make a great day out in Highland Perthshire - go zorbing!!

Zorbing is the latest craze to grab adrenalin junkies in Highland Perthshire and beyond!

Zorbing, is where you are inside a large inflated ball, and you roll down a hill! Sounds scary - but there are a few different methods of zorbing, so pick which suits you best, or which sounds the least scary to you!

Harness Zorbing
This is when you are harnessed to the inside of the ball - so you can do this with a friend, and well, you roll down a hill - laughing or screaming at your friend all the way.

Eclipse Zorbing
This is basically the same but it is dark - very dark! So not only are you flying down a hill upside down and back to front, but you can't see anything either!

No experience is required for zorbing but is not advised for anyone who is pregnant or suffers from epilepsy.

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